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Newquay CAfe jobs available - URGENT

3rd May 2007

URGENT - There is an exciting opportunity to work at the surf café throughout the Summer at Great Western Beach, Newquay.  Check out the details below for full details.  This is a secular café but CS has been given the option to run it, and we need at least two people more people in place by the end of May (BUT WE NEED NAMES BY EARLY NEXT WEEK - one to do a BBQ and one or two to serve in the café along with the current staff.

Position1: Cafe assistant-this entails making up panini's,baguettes,jacket
potatoes,chips, cooking them, using a till etc..
40hrs per week @ £5.50 per hour - but 25p per hour gets held back until the
end of the season(beginning of September) which they will receive in a lump
Working 5 days a week and latest they will finish is 8.30ish - cafe closes
at 7pm but closing up and cleaning takes some time.


Position2: BBQ person- this entails setting up stand on the beach,cooking
burgers/hot dogs, cleaning up and packing away after.

Also receives £5.50 per hour same applies with 25p held back. I'm not 100%
sure on the exact hours but I would say a minimum of 35hrs p/wk  possibly
1day off per week.

If interested act NOW, as if we can not fill the positions, other people will be chosen. WE believe this is an amazing opportunity so pray and act - Quickly

If interested e-mail TAsh hall on -


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