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Road Trip Europe

Date: 24th - 1st October 2006

Location: Europe

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Basque Country No waves, Oh well.JPG (3041 Views)   Early morning France.JPG (3096 Views)   Hossegor Pumping.JPG (3053 Views)
Joel Sneaks a quicky !.JPG (3190 Views)   Ness and Sarah at Quik party in sweet beach house.JPG (9907 Views)   Big Lip Bash.JPG (3292 Views)
Extreme Sports Missionary - Rich E.JPG (3170 Views)   Joel having Fun.JPG (2977 Views)   Kris, Phil (Quik bowl riders, Marsielle) and Ness at Quik party.JPG (3906 Views)
Liselle France not Brazil !.JPG (3243 Views)   Quik Party.JPG (3815 Views)   Quiksilver Jerome.JPG (3134 Views)