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Gul Night Surf - UK Pro Surf Tour

Date: 12th - 13th June 2009

Location: Newquay

Website: click here

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A Judges' view.JPG (922 Views)   Alan Stokes and Reubyn Ash.JPG (951 Views)   Alan Stokes Open winner.JPG (937 Views)
Andy Holter - Beach Marshal.JPG (994 Views)   Becky and Cathryn chilling.JPG (928 Views)   Ben Skinner - Longboard winner.JPG (951 Views)
Contest control.JPG (921 Views)   Contest overview.JPG (940 Views)   Contest setup.JPG (967 Views)
grommies action.JPG (910 Views)   grommies paddling out.JPG (1022 Views)   Jo Dennison Ladies winner.JPG (1172 Views)
Ladies finalists.JPG (1019 Views)   Max Tucker.JPG (1019 Views)   Max Tucker 2.JPG (980 Views)
Saturday fireworks.JPG (983 Views)   Saturday night.JPG (1026 Views)   Sunday presentation.JPG (964 Views)
sunset from the judging tower.JPG (930 Views)   U12 finalists.JPG (928 Views)   U16 Boys finalists.JPG (1015 Views)
U16 Girls finalists.JPG (1151 Views)