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"Where there is no vision, the people perish"
Proverbs 29:18

In 1993 we set out the vision for CSUK in the form of aims and objectives. The aims have never changed as they are fundamental to the ministry of Christian Surfers. In addition these aims formed the basis of our charitable status and effectively defined the emphasis of outreach to surfers. To Present the Gospel to surfers in a relevant and meaningful way. To encourage Christian growth, commitment & discipleship of surfers.


  1. The Evangelisation of the Surfers of the World, recognising that God has called us to provide a contemporary gospel witness to this subculture.
  2. The Serving of the Church, offering the tool of the CS model of ministry to the local church worldwide enabling it to bridge the cultural gap into this subculture and provide a ministry niche for surfers.
  3. The Uniting of Similar Ministries who fulfil certain criteria, to better provide support in prayer, resources, personnel and directions under a formal organisational structure.
  4. The Planting of Like Missions under the authorising body of CSI we seek to release CS missions to the wider body of Christ through suitable churches and agencies.

Core Values

  • Surfing � We are mobilising surfers to reach surfers using their surfing. We are showing how our surfing is submitted to Christ as a servant not a master.
  • Evangelising � We are evangelistic in intent and evangelical in flavour by which we mean majoring on the centrality of Christ, the priority of the Gospel, the authority of the Bible.
  • Integrating � We are integrated in the local surfing community as well as the church community. We create community to minister out of. This requires long-term commitment to ministry.
  • Partnering � We are local church based and interchurch in leadership and accountability. We are an interdenominational movement with partnerships with local churches and other groups. We are building the bridge between the beach and the church.
  • Serving � We have ministry based on relationships of trust earned by service as key to all ministry and leadership.
  • Empowering - We are mobilising and empowering ordinary volunteers and helping them fulfil their potential with staff assistance. Our mission is a bottom up grassroots initiative.
  • Transforming - We believe the Kingdom of God changes individual surfers lives and then the surfing cultures they belong to.
  • International � We are called to the world surfing community and will seek to facilitate surfing outreach to every surfing nation. We are also an international family of missions committed to the common good.


We are Christians simply because we realise that we have messed up our lives and have asked Jesus to come and take control making him the boss of our lives and our surfing too. However we know that God is not just a myth up in the sky, and from this point, we can enjoy a radical relationship with the creator of the ocean and the surf.


Our surfing is made even more meaningful when we can get to know the one who made the oceans so perfectly. Surfers are a group of people who rarely see the inside of a church and most churches have very little contact with surfers, yet those of us who surf know that there is a spiritual dimension to surfing and are determined to share it.