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"Sitting out the back, waiting for the next set, it�s impossible not to be impressed by the creation around us."

The perfection of the ocean and the waves which rise up and break with such energy are evidence enough.

At Christian Surfers UK we are a group of full-on surfers who are also committed Christians and we see God�s signature written all over his creation.

Our desire is to experience this amazing God for ourselves through a personal relationship with his son Jesus Christ. Our aim is therefore a simple one: to tell other surfers that they too can have a relationship with Jesus Christ.

We are not a church, but our members represent a wide range of different churches to which they belong. However, it is a main objective to bridge the gap between the beach community and the church.

We are clear that we are not Christians because of any of the good things we might have done, nor that we go to church. God saves us by his grace alone.


We are Christians simply because we realise that we have messed up our lives and have asked Jesus to come and take control making him the boss of our lives and our surfing too. However we know that God is not just a myth up in the sky, and from this point, we can enjoy a radical relationship with the creator of the ocean and the surf.


Our surfing is made even more meaningful when we can get to know the one who made the oceans so perfectly. Surfers are a group of people who rarely see the inside of a church and most churches have very little contact with surfers, yet those of us who surf know that there is a spiritual dimension to surfing and are determined to share it.